Active Noise Control

The logo chosen to represent the team and shows where the project stands for. It's a reflection of the union between the sound and the wave. The logo shows a speaker that send out a sound wave. The goal of the project is to cancel the noise, so the wave takes the form of the word “Silence”. 

Mission and vision  

The definition of the problem of the project the lack of knowledge about Active Noise Cancelation. To accomplish the project, we intend to make a mission and vision statement.

The mission statement is about what there is intend to accomplish with the project. The mission of the project is as follows; The mission of this project is to get more overall knowledge for people about ANC. The vision emerged from the mission. Namely, the people understand the standing wave and have basic knowledge about ANC.

The objectives of the project are clearly formulated with the SMART model. This method is used when you have to identify specific marketing objectives, your long-term goals. When setting future objectives for marketing it is useful to look hard at each measure and consider if it is essential. The SMART model helps as a test or filter which you can use to assess the quality of the project

     Give a demonstration about standing waves and noise reduction.

     Be able to observe the standing waves. One wave around the frequency of 100 Hz,           two around 230 Hz and three waves around 340 Hz. Besides this, it needs to be able         to see the noise reduction. This is possible when the waves are gone.

     With the available equipment, it should be attainable. 

     The Kundt’s Tube experiment and ANC system already exists in the market                         (Headphones).

Time limited
     It must be finished before the 17th of December. 

Team members

The team contains four students from different nationalities and studies around Europe. These students will present themselves below.

My name is Marie Raynal. I am from Tarbes, a city located in the south of France. I study in a mechanical engineering school: ENIT (Ecole nationale d’ingénieurs de Tarbes). So, I’m studying mechanical engineering and manufacturing.

My name is Sannah van Duuren. I am from Helmond, a city located in the south of the Netherlands. I am an industrial engineering and management student at Avans University of Applied Sciences. It is situated in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I am in my third year of my bachelor degree. The European Project Semester is my internship.

My name is Emma Kleijn. I am from the Netherlands and study in the south part of the country. I am an industrial engineering and management student at Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I am now in my third year and the EPS (European project semester) is for me an interpretation of my internship period.

I am Javier Valentín Colén and I am from Spain. I am studying Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering at University of Lleida.